Sweet Pea Farm

Contact: Karen “Pony” Anstine
7465 CR 146, Salida, CO 81201

High altitude wildflower honey, available year-round. Colorado roasted green chilies (call for availability).

Sweet Pea Farms’ High Altitude Honey comes from wildflowers growing in the Flattops Wilderness Area of Northern Colorado, where the nectar of wildflowers at 10,000 feet gives the honey a unique flavor. Their Alfalfa-Clover Honey comes from pristine hay ranches in the Yampa River Valley.

Because the sources are relatively unpopulated areas, we are assured that the honey is as close to organic as possible. Throughout the summer they bring in honeys from the deserts of New Mexico and the sagebrush of Wyoming, and offer whipped honeys with fruit or natural flavorings. This year Sweet Pea Farms will be creating mixed honey with all-natural, certified pure therapeutic oils from around the world. And the kids love their honey straws!

Pony and her son Nick invite all to join them at the Salida Farmers Market in August when they roast  Canon City Green Chilis.

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