The Salida Backyard CSA exists to get currently unused, urban spaces growing food. With the economic and environmental crises we’re facing, this idea is rapidly becoming popular across the country. We ask Salida homeowners and landlords to make a three-year commitment to the CSA, and pay some startup and water costs. In exchange, the CSA will plan, plant, maintain, and harvest an organic garden in their backyard.

The residents will be invited to choose their five favorite garden crops, which will be emphasized in their garden. The garden will be planted to provide the vegetables that the resident family can consume daily. The rest of the produce will be the property of the CSA to market through our CSA shares, the farmers market, restaurant, and retail accounts.

We will use appropriate technology, and will work closely with other organizations in the Arkansas Valley who are promoting local agriculture, focusing on developing programs that connect local youth with agriculture
Please see our website,, for our homeowner application and information about volunteer opportunities.

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Last Modified: January 23, 2011