Jumpin’ Good Goat Dairy

Contact: Dawn Jump
31700 US Hwy 24 N
Buena Vista, CO 81211

Full variety of fresh and aged artisan goat cheeses available year round.  Milk available May-October.  Fun and educational farm tours also May – October.


Photos courtesy of Mike Rosso, Colorado Central Magazine • www.cozine.com

A Colorado native who tried a stint in Washington, Dawn Jump returned to Colorado to open her 42-acre dairy because Washington’s damp climate was hard on her animals’ hooves. From the 100-goat herd (of which she is the primary milker), Jump produces firm cheeses; Jack, Cheddar and Gouda, with plans to expand the line to include washed-rind Telagio and Feta. Goat milk, of course, is available, and in the future she hopes to offer an assortment of goat milk ice creams, combining vanilla with fruits from the Valley and Western Slope. Her milking facility is constantly monitored to adhere to state standards.

Equally as fervent as her commitment to quality is her devotion to sustainability, constantly evaluating the dairy’s impact on the local community and the foodshed. Jump designed the naturally-vented, pine-paneled, subterranean cheese room that allows 3,700 wheels of cheese to age with zero energy consumption, and is working with experts to maintain and improve the health of her land for its own sake as well as that of the herd. Products are available at the on-site store. For information visit jumpingoodgoats.com.

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