Hobbs Family Farm

Contact: Dan Hobbs
PO Box 411
Avondale, CO 81022

Certified organic vegetables, open pollinated seeds, grains, cover crops, hay, table garlic and seed garlic.

Hobbs Family Farms grows certified organic vegetables, open pollinated seeds, grains, cover crops and hay on a thirty acre farm in Avondale, near Pueblo.

The Hobbs family chose to farm on the high plains because of the abundant natural resources conducive to organic farming.

The farm is classified as “Prime, Irrigated Farm Land of National Importance,” with mineral-rich Rocky Ford silty clay loam that is very productive. They enjoy senior water rights from the Bessemer Ditch, the third oldest irrigation ditch in Colorado. Bessemer Ditch water comes directly from the Pueblo Reservoir and thus does not contain excessive chemical tail water.
They offer early season crops such as garlic scapes, baby beets and baby carrots in the first week of June. Green beans, summer squash, fennel, leeks and full-size carrots are available by the end of June, and garlic in July. Tomatoes, melons, peppers, onions and potatoes in August and winter squash in October. Six varieties of high quality table garlic and seed garlic are available from from the farm’s website: www.coloradogarlic.com.

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