Chokecherry Farm

Contact: Nick & Alycia Chambers
459 N. Alder St.
PO Box 895,
Crestone, CO 81131

Mixed vegetables, eggs.  Call for availability. A CSA farm.

In the alpine desert of the San Luis Valley near Crestone, Nicholas and Alycia Chambers along with their two children offer a 20-share CSA program for the local community from a 1/3-acre irrigated garden. They also provide eggs, poultry meat and home-baked bread on distribution days, and keep bees and draught horses, with plans to add more animals as infrastructure allows.
The farm’s land and buildings are part of a 100-year-old homestead, abandoned for 20 years when the Chambers’ took residence. Chokecherry Farm blends the old with the new; new fence posts with old split Juniper fence posts, new boards and insulation in old buildings, and new approaches to whole systems self-sufficiency build upon the old. Workshops and immersion internships in topics that include applied sustainability cover permaculture, gardening, gravity-fed drip irrigation, shop, renewable energy, thermo-siphon hot water, alternative construction, top-bar beekeeping, draught horses, husbandry and plant medicines.

The umbrella company, Living Arts Systems, is engaged in a biogas digester pilot project for small farms and integrated communities and is available for consulting, design, and installation work. Visit for more information.

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