Howdy Foodsheders, maybe snow shredders these last couple of days.  There is about 15 inches of fresh snow on the ground in Buena Vista and several sub-freezing days ahead in the forcast.  Summer is gone for now, but plans are being made for another successful year.  Keep checking back for updates on next year’s farmers markets and other CCFA events.

The following is an announcement from one of the CCFA Groundswell producer members.

Happy Holidays



The sky to the north, west and south of us is filled with clouds today, and snow is expected.  Winter is almost here for its long stay.  Our mamma cows and calves are on the Baca National Wildlife Refuge, their fall home for the past few years.  The calves seem to grow thicker hair by the hour; they look like little red and black bears.  In a few weeks the herd will be coming back to our own home pastures for the winter.

blue-range-ranch-21Some of you might be wondering what cattle are doing on a wildlife refuge.  The Baca NWF is an unusual and beautiful place.  A Spanish land grant since 1843, each owner of the land raised cattle on the site.  Most managed the land lovingly and carefully, maintaining wildlife populations and their habitats, flood irrigating some meadowland for cattle as well as native ungulates.  In fact, two endangered fish are currently found in creeks running through the very meadows cattle have grazed for generations—no other pure populations of Rio Grande Chub or Rio Grande Sucker are found anywhere else.  Living in harmony with the planet includes finding the vital and ecologically sound meeting place between sustainable agriculture and wildlands.  The Baca actively demonstrates that meeting place.  We work closely with the refuge manager to continue thus legacy of care, and the cattle grazing is used to enhance edge habitat for native ground nesting birds as well as for the other wildlife found on the refuge.

We want to thank you for your support this past year, and we hope to continue to provide our wholesome, healthy meat to you.

We would like to establish a monthly delivery day for the communities of Salida and Crestone, and hope that enough of you will be interested in such a plan.  If enough people are interested in this, we can deliver meat to a central location for no delivery fee, making it easier for you to continue to purchase from us.  Please call or email to let us know if you are interested.

We have our familiar 25 lb. bundle of assorted cuts and ground available, as well as ground beef, just as we did this summer at the Farmer’s Market.  We have also created a new family and budget friendly “Bunkhouse Bundle”: rich flavored cuts suitable for chili, stew and soup, a few steaks and our great ground beef: good for offsetting winter’s chill.  We can also assemble a custom order for a minimum of $40.  Prices for ground and most cuts remain the same as they were this summer, though a few cuts are a little higher and a few a little lower than the summer prices.

We also want to announce our name change and the launch of our website!  The ranch is still 100% owned and operated by George Whitten and Julie Sullivan, with the help of our wonderful apprentices.  We are still 100% certified organic and 100% grassfed; the only change is the name.  We discovered that our original name, San Juan Ranch, is trademarked by a company in California, so we decided to find a new name that still spoke of the beautiful land we live upon and work with.  We are now known as:

Blue Range Ranch
(for the color of the Sangre de Cristos when seen from a distance; also, the word Saguache means Blue Earth)

We hope to hear from you.  Keep us in mind for holiday meals or as an unusual gift.  Most of all, we wish you health, joy, and a wonderful winter.

Julie and George

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Last Modified: June 11, 2010

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