In a kind of Gypsy-like caravan of seekers and artists, The Colorado Mountain Plein air festival made its way through Salida on Saturday, September 12 to render scenes of the area in fresh lights and new perspectives.

Although they worked in several locations around Town, one of the liveliest was the Farmers Market which gave the artists an array of vibrant colors and forms to work with.

Gigi Griefenberg, who volunteers for Plein Air, said that the artists had about two hours to complete each work due to changes in light quality. The festival was comprised of 45 registered artists as of Saturday morning, but Griefenberg said she expected the total to reach 60. This is Plein Air’s (French for open air) second year.

The farmer’s market awarded $100 worth of “market bucks” between the three best paintings, as judged by a panel of vendors. Nora Larimer took first place for her water color of a farm stand. Griefenberg said the Festival will return next year.

Artists from across the country come to play with the vibrant angles of geography and light found in the Central Colorado region.

Saturday October 3

Be sure to visit this coming week’s market and take advantage of one of the last two markets to be held in Alpine Park. This coming week will include music by Dave Tipton and his chapman stick, a unique 12 stringed instrument capable of a wide variety of melodies.

Also, don’t forget to come and support the Salida cheerleaders with your presence and dollars. They’ll be performing for the market to raise money for a coming trip.

Vendor Feature:

Bob Stocker is in his fifth year owning and running El Regalo Ranch, an operation solely focused on the production of all natural, range-raised, goat meat.

Stocker said he discovered the value of goat meat after his second heart-attack. He went on a quest for a healthier diet and discovered that, “goat is the meat with the lowest fat and cholesterol.” According to Stocker, “it’s lower than skinless chicken breast.”

Stocker’s booth at the market is a simple one but don’t be fooled. The complex aromas wafting from his tent indicate that there’s something work taking a second look, or in this case, a second taste.

In a simple dutch oven, Stocker prepares a stewed goat peppered with garlic, bay leaves, red wine, beef stock, and then cooked over a low heat for several hours. The meat is as tender as you’d expect and probably more delicious. Unlike goat milk, which can sometimes have a unique taste, the goat meat made by stocker is best described as savory.

Stocker said his favorite forms of preperation include grilled goat chops, and leg of goat. Such cuts come from the Boer Cross, an African gaot bred for good disposition and its meat.

El Regalo Ranch’s products can be found at the Market as well as simple foods. You can also reach them directly at 719-539-6711 or email

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Last Modified: April 29, 2010

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