This weekend I was fortunate enough to get to interact with many our market-goers!  We recently signed up to compete in the American Farmland Trust’s competition for America’s Favorite Farmers Market and I was busy talking to everyone to find out if you also think our markets are as amazing we do.  The feedback I received was all very positive!  Locals and visitors were all excited to share their support for the Salida and Buena Vista farmer’s markets!  If you have not gotten a chance to vote yet, we could use your support!  You can vote for the Salida market here and the Buena Vista market here.  You can vote for multiple markets, so if you love our markets and our mission to support local producers as much as we do, please show your support.

At this week’s markets we were also fortunate to enjoy music from Scott Adams.  The video below includes a clip of his performance at the Buena Vista market.

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Vendor Feature: Colorado Grown

David Lynch, owner of Colorado Grown, moved his farm from the Front Range to Buena Vista with the goal to continue to provide local food to this region.  When he arrived here, he found there was no local food system in place, so he created a local farm business: Colorado Grown.

Colorado Grown’s primary goal is to provide a raw milk source for the region and it works closely with Cottonwood Creek Dairy to accomplish this.  In Colorado, raw milk can only be purchased directly from the farm and until Colorado Grown and Cottonwood Creek Dairy started working together, no one was supplying raw milk in this part of Colorado.  For this reason, Colorado Grown acts as a distribution service for Cottonwood Creek Dairy.  Colorado Grown distributes raw milk, yogurt, kefir, cottage cheese, butter, cream, buttermilk, and soft cheeses, such as mozzarella and queso fresco, for Cottonwood Creek Dairy.  These products are available through a cow share program,  a program that David Lynch and the Raw Milk Association of Colorado, which he is president of, helped get legalized in 2005.

In addition to distributing raw milk, Colorado Grown also distributes fruit, vegetables, and meat.  David Lynch works with a network of farmers that he knows personally to obtain these products.  All Colorado Grown products come directly from the farmer or producer.

Colorado Grown has a booth at both the Salida and Buena Vista markets where they sell some of the products they have available including pasta, salsa, and jam.  While raw milk products are not for sale at market, Colorado Grown staff will gladly let you know how to join their cow share program!

For more information on Colorado Grown, visit their website at

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Last Modified: August 9, 2010

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