As I write this post, I am enjoying a beautiful, warm, sunny day at the Buena Vista Farmers Market at the historic Turner Farm.  It’s still early in the day and customers are just starting to trickle in.  As they enter the market, market goers are greeted by music from Chris and Kurt and the bounty of the season.  This week’s market features a variety of fresh fruit and produce including peaches, pears, kohlrabi, broccoli, carrots, and more!  I even got to sample some delicious tart cherry and pear juice from Excelsior Orchard.

Yesterday’s market in Salida was possibly our busiest yet!  We had new produce and prepared food vendors, as well as new artisans and a kid’s play area.  The Maverick Potter was even there and market goers were able to help him throw bowls for this year’s Shedfest!  Shedfest is our harvest celebration.  It takes place on October 16, the weekend following the last Farmers Markets of the season.  The entire community comes together to celebrate the diversity, abundance and strength of our foodshed.  The full-day event will be held at the Salida SteamPlant and will include food preservation classes, an interactive foodshed expo, cider pressing, live music, food and more.  Check back for more details coming soon!

Local Foods Recipe Contest:

The past few weeks I’ve been busy preserving food for winter.  Drying fruit and vegetables, pickling, canning, and lacto-fermenting.  As I prepare to cook up a bunch of peach and pear sauce and butter this week, I find myself wondering about your favorite ways to preserve food.  This week, instead of picking a local ingredient for our recipe contest, I want to know your favorite way to preserve food.  What is your favorite food to preserve and how do you like to preserve it?  Post your recipe by Friday, September 10 at 5pm for a chance to win 5 market bucks! Market bucks can be spent at any vendor at either the Salida or Buena Vista market.  Just post your recipe as a comment below for a chance to win.

Since our responses to the recipe contest have been a bit slow so far, I’ve posted my delicious but simple pear sauce recipe below to start us off.  I’ve also gone back through my past blog posts and added some recipes for our past contests as well.  So, if you’re curious about our past markets, or hoping to learn how to make dandelion vinegar, massaged kale, and other dishes that highlight local ingredients, be sure to check our previous market reports!

Vendor Feature: Shiloh Ridge Glass and Gypsy Go Green

Shiloh Ridge Glass is a regular vendor at both the Salida and Buena Vista Farmers Markets.  Shiloh Ridge Glass sells a variety of fused glass jewelry and accessories all handmade by Heidi in Westcliffe, CO.  Heidi started making fused glass about eight years ago when she bought a kiln and taught herself the craft!  Shiloh Ridge Glass currently sells necklaces, bracelets, watches, earrings, barrettes and more, and has plans to sell larger items, such as fused glass plates, in the future.

For the past few weeks, in addition to selling their fused glass jewelry, Shiloh Ridge Glass has also had a booth for their other business: Gypsy Go Green.  Gypsy Go Green sells bags, tee-shirts, headbands, journals, bookmarks, camera and glasses cases, and more.  Many of Gypsy Go Greens items are made from recycled materials and/or fabric scraps.

For more information on Shiloh Ridge Glass visit their website:

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Last Modified: February 28, 2011

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