CCFA Board of Directors, staff, and members Pony Anstine and Nick Francis  recently participated in a visioning meeting. Facilitated by Craig  Nielson of Rising Sun Design-Solutions, the purpose of the meeting was to see if the organization’s mission statement is still aligned with the needs of its members, and to develop a strategic plan for the next three years.

First on the agenda was exploration of several foundational questions:
What business is CCFA in?
How does CCFA make money?
Who are CCFA customers?
What do CCFA customers value?

Participants also reveiwed a summary of answers from the questionaire distributed at the CCFA Annual Meeting.

With this information in hand, participants then created and voted on a list of action items for the next three years.

The top 10 action items (in order of ranking) included:
      Farmers Markets
      Guide to Local Food
Expanding Local Resources Inventory (rental equipment, maps of fruit trees)
      Education Programs
      Equipment Rental
      Local Currency Program
      Agri-tourism Member Tours
Unite with Colorado Local Market On-Line

Several action items were identified to help implement these action steps, including: freshen current advertising, have a regular presence in the community, update & strengthen the website, develop Promotion  Committee that would include a chairperson passionate about CCFA’s mission, getting business sponsors, developing partnerships with schools, taking programs to the public, securing grant funding, recruiting volunteers, and coordinating efforts with organizations whose mission is similar to that of CCFA.

As you look over the list of action items, what talents and expertise can you share to help us  complete these tasks? You assistance is greatly needed and appreciated by CCFA.

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Last Modified: September 11, 2011

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